An interview from the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas with Tom Yuhas at the IDX Technology Booth. Celebrating its third decade of service to the global production community, IDX is a premier manufacturer and supplier of Lithium Ion battery/power systems, HD wireless video transmission solutions, V-Mount technology and more to the broadcast and professional video industry. IDX is the world’s first company to utilize Lithium Ion power in broadcast applications and the first manufacturer to comply with international safety and environmental requirements.

The SLF-30 is an additional product and joins the SL-F50 and SL-F70, which are compatible with equipment and accessories using the Sony L-Series batteries. The IDX SL-F30 will address those niche applications calling for lower capacity in confined spaces. In addition to it's compatible to Sony L-Series battery products, the SL-F30 is applicable to the Black Magic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6k G2 and 6K Pro.

The A-Vmicro2PD is a Micro 2ch Hot-Swap Adaptor, The A-Vmicro2PD is designed to be used with two (2) IDX Imicro V-mount batteries that can be hot-swapped and the plate can be utilized as an IDX V-mount charger to charge the batteries.

IDX expands its lineup of USB PD (Power Delivery) chargers, with the addition of the UC-PD3 with its built-in USB PD 3 ports. The UC-PD3 USB-C ports have been expanded from 2 to 3, to support users’ cases, not only for charging IDX USB-PD batteries, but also charging the user’s smartphone and PC in use at the same time. With a Maximum USB-C port output of power 100W (which is lower than the 130W of the UC-PD2), IDX believes that extending the number of USB-C ports will improve convenience.

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