Creamsource, maker of artisan LED lighting for film and television, announces today the exciting expansion of its Vortex flagship line. The evolution signifies a diversification in Vortex offerings both in function and scale. Introducing a creative complement to the trusted Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard panels, the new Vortex8 Soft (V8S) and Vortex4 Soft (V4S), are high output soft panels designed with the same RRGBBW colour engine, build-quality, and user interface that lighting professionals have grown to love. When size matters, on-set the Vortex24 is a welcome addition to the lighting professional’s arsenal, providing 1950W of firepower with a 20° beam angle. Its 24-pixel zones allow for maximum resolution and creative control for the most complex lighting effects. These latest innovations underscore Creamsource's commitment to providing high-quality, versatile lighting solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of filmmakers, studios, and production companies worldwide.

Vortex Softs: Meet Your Match
The Vortex8 Soft and Vortex4 Soft panels were developed with a deep understanding that having the right tool for the job is paramount. The Vortex Softs are optimised for maximum efficiency and performance as a native soft light solution, delivering beautiful full-spectrum soft light with high output right out of the box.

High Output Soft Light: Dedicated soft light source that marries efficiency with 650W (V8S) or
325W (V4S) of output, allowing for both flat panel diffuser and open-face configurations.

Customisable Arrays: Vortex Softs can be mixed with Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard panels – using LNX, Creamsource Multi Yokes, and other mounting systems – to create scalable and diverse arrays, such as checkerboard Creamsource Hard/Soft patterns, for on-the-fly virtual focus adjustment.

Balanced Lighting: This mix-and-match capability enables a fine balance between intensity and softness, enhancing dynamic controls to achieve the desired lighting effect for any scene.

Versatile Use Cases: Suitable for various applications including space-constrained studio work or for outdoor broadcasts and news. A 48V DC power input means you can pull the plug and go battery powered when on location, and an IP65 rating ensures you'll stay lit even when the storms roll in.

CreamOS Integration: Shares CreamOS with other Vortex products, enabling consistent control and easy integration into existing lighting rigs.

The Vortex24, developed in response to customer feedback for a larger, punchy lighting solution, maintains the high-quality standards synonymous with the Vortex8 while offering triple the output and greater coverage. This larger form factor simplifies rigging and reduces the need for multiple units when rigging to an Elevated work platform (EWP or Condor), while offering the power and precision needed for intricate image-based lighting scenarios.

Pixel Precision: Features 24 directional pixel zones for nuanced lighting effects, allowing complex simulations like fire and motion with smooth dimming across all intensities, all while maintaining colour accuracy and preventing drift.

Powerfully Efficient: Draws 1950W power, suitable for standard circuits and includes a 'House Power' setting for 15A circuit operation.

Compact Design: Built-in ballast facilitating easier storage on carts and integration into truck packages.

Networking Simplicity: Equipped with dual Ethernet ports with a built-in Gigabit switch, enabling single-cable runs and daisy-chaining of units for efficient light array management and simpler control with protocols like sACN.

Quick Adjustments: The Vortex24 enables swift swaps of diffusers and accessories with a front latch system and includes a medium flat diffuser for immediate light softening, enhancing setup versatility without the need for extra purchases.

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