Get Ready for the Buzz: Your Guide to the 2024 NAB Show

You know, it feels like we only just finished up the awesome 2023 NAB, and here we are, 2024 NAB is already knocking on our door! But hey, that's cool because there's already tons of excitement buzzing around this year's show in the industry. So, let's jump straight into it!

Manufacturers and creators alike, are ready to unveil plenty of new products and services on the exhibition floor, as well as showcase to everyone the many new and creative ways to make your content come to life. Of course, it’s not “new” news to anyone in the business that AI continues to make significant inroads in almost every part of content creation.

This includes preproduction, production, post, and distribution. In some ways AI is very new technology and presents lots of new opportunities and challenges. Thankfully for us, there will always be the need to develop new production gear for the artisans. You're the ones that make the film and television industry we love happen. That’s why checking out the gear, as well as technology like AI, at NAB is especially important this year.

Let’s take a look at a few of the exciting offerings from a few of the many exhibitors that are busy putting the final touches on their booths and displays right now. We will also be providing extended coverage of 2024 NAB on our very own NABHUB microsite and ProductionHUB TV, along with our sister sites LA411 and NY411. So be sure to check back often for updates, including our announcement of the prestigious and coveted ProductionHUB Awards of Excellence for the top products at the show. 

Time to check these exhibitors out!

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Booth: W1701

Not only is AWS doing a really cool set of demonstrations, but they're also exhibiting a ton of new gear as well! New for 2024, AWS will run a cloud-based live news broadcast during NAB. The broadcast setup will include a production set with a news desk and cameras in the West Hall lobby of the LVCC and a Production Control Room in the AWS booth. Video and audio mixing will be done on site in the Production Control Room; graphics overlay, editing, and other tasks will be done remotely to highlight the geo-diverse crewing possibilities of Live Cloud Production (LCP) on AWS using NVIDIA GPU-backed Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4 and G5 instances. In addition to NVIDIA, several other AWS partners are contributing to this activation, including AP ENPS, Ross Video, Telos Alliance, LiveU, Haivision, CaptionHub, Zixi, Alpha, Aoto, and Ikan. 

Additionally, AWS will be showing  Content Production demonstrations that create a holistic studio in the cloud composed of generative AI-assisted virtual production using Unreal Engine and Cuebric, featuring Wacom Tablets; VFX and rendering featuring Foundry’s Nuke and SideFX’s Houdini; editing in the cloud with real-time video preview using Adobe Premiere and Streambox, and production asset management with; and cloud studio management using Leostream and Qumulo. Honestly, AWS has so much going on, I seriously suggest that you read the entire press release to learn more. 


Booth: C5325

Always innovative and never boring, Fujifilm will be showcasing their new FUJINON Duvo Zoom Lens for live broadcast at 2024 NAB Show. This native PL-mount, dual format lens supports two types of large image sensors and specializes in shallow depth of field that according to Fujifilm produces a beautiful cinematic bokeh while maintaining ease of broadcast lens operation. The portable lens can be used with a tripod, shoulder-mounted with a Steadicam2, or for high-angle shooting, using a crane. According to the company, the shallow depth of field allows for cinematic image expression with beautiful bokeh effect, making it ideal for bringing the desired cine look to sporting events, live concerts, house of worship, reality shows, and other live broadcasts. Fujifilm expects to begin shipping initial orders of Duvo 24-300mm to customers at the end of March 2024.


Booth: SL5073

At the 2024 NAB Show Matrox will be providing product demos and featuring customer stories that illustrate how the company helps broadcasters, live event producers, developers, and manufacturers implement and improve their IP- and IT-based media workflows. Booth visitors will discover products and solutions for remote production (REMI), contribution, distribution, operations and control, and Tier 1 live production in the cloud, along with the latest innovations for SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX. 

In addition to their video product demonstrations Matrox will be adding two new products to their already impressive product line up starting with the Matrox DSX SDK 10.5. The latest updates to the Matrox DSX SDK offer Ultra-Low Latency for both DSX LE5 and X.mio5 ST 2110 NIC and 12G SDI I/O cards. The new "large canvas" feature enabled on X.mio5 ST 2110 cards allows customizable regions of interest from a large canvas to be output as multi-channel 1080P and UHD resolutions for flexible and advanced multi-screen display workflows. Additionally, Matrox is adding the Matrox DSX LE6 D100 ST 2110 Network Interface Card. The new 100 GbE ST 2110 network card is designed for high-performance media environments including broadcast and virtual production. The card has hardware-based PTP to provide nanosecond-range ST 2059-2 accuracy and offloads all ST 2110 packet processing from the CPU, which is essential for high-density and high-resolution applications. This card also offers ultra-low latency to minimize in-to-out latency for multichannel 4K and 8K applications.

Mark Roberts Motion Control 

Booth: C4925 (Central Hall L2)

Mark Roberts Motion Control, a Nikon company, will showcase its latest robotic camera technologies and virtual production workflows at NAB Show 2024. MRMC will have a big presence at two booths to demonstrate its innovative film and broadcast robotics. Located in the Central Hall Lobby L2, the MRMC Unreal Ride 2024 will deliver an immersive experience that integrates cutting-edge virtual production with advanced camera robotics.

At its broadcast booth, MRMC will exhibit several innovative solutions. The Slidekamera by MRMC product range expands MRMC’s robotics offering and enhances our PTZ enablement solutions with a range of motion robotics that allow more creative shots to be achieved with these simple robotic cameras. The range of Slidekamera & PTZ enablement solutions will include the RLS-1 (Rail Lift System), Atlas Slider with Bullhead Studio, and the recently released PTZ Mover Kit.

Also available on MRMC’s Broadcast booth will be it’s Virtual Teleportation workflow technology, which enables camera motion synchronization. The system uses two AFC 180+ robotic heads mounted on two LLS-1 (Light Lift System) in different locations programmed to move in unison. It enables a smooth transition from single-person to dynamic multi-person shots. This allows studios to pan between separate locations, combine remote and local feeds, and create the illusion subjects are sharing the same physical space while compensating for transmission delays.


Booth: C4110

Lawo is gearing up to unveil its latest innovations at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The company says attendees visiting its booth will be treated to a showcase of groundbreaking products and solutions highlighting adaptable processing power, enhanced IP pipelines and empowered live productions. Given the rapid changes in the broadcast and AV sectors, Lawo has decided to dedicate a large chunk of its activities to providing operators with a unified platform that addresses the requirements users have today and will do into the future. So, all Lawo hardware and software products gravitate around the Home management platform for IP infrastructures, and Lawo is encouraging third-party vendors to join in. 

Marshall Electronics 

Booth: C5912

Marshall Electronics will debut its newest auto-tracking camera, the CV612-TBI/TWI PTZ camera, at NAB 202. The Marshall CV612, available in black (CV612-TBI) and white models (CV612-TWI), features the ability to automatically track, follow and frame presenters using AI facial learning for accurate and smooth self-adjusting maneuvers. 

Equipped with 12X optical and a 15X digital zoom, the CV612 offers a 4.1mm-49.2mm (6.6-70.3 degrees) field of view. It is built around a professional-grade 2-Megapixel 1/2.8-inch, high-quality HD CMOS sensor, which provides format resolutions from 1920x1080, 1280x720 down to 640x480, making this the ideal solution for production and live streaming.

Marshall Electronics is also introducing the  new VMV-402-3GSH SwitcherThe Marshall VMV-402-3GSH is a four-input, auto-scaling, seamless switch that is designed to become a reliable part of any infrastructure.   The Marshall VMV-402-3GSH can be used in remote news vehicles, edit rooms, AV boardrooms, lecture halls and even as an input expander for existing production switches Inputs 1 and 2 also accept HDMI. 


Booth: C6125

With the dynamic trends of the broadcast and film industry, Cartoni will show a full line of encoded fluid heads at NAB Show 2024. The company has integrated position tracking into its fluid heads, jibs, and Lambda 25 nodal head. 

Among the products Cartoni is showing is the Lifto 25 motorized elevation column which now offers enhanced PTZ narrative options with an additional vertical movement. It has additional electronic interface for leading PTZ consoles such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc., elevates the motion control of one or multiple PTZ cameras.

To address professional studio work, Cartoni will present the Lifto 25 Controller. Managing up to five Lifto 25 units, it facilitates speed variation and integrates control within the console or with any separate game controller joystick or pedal. It can also be remotely connected via the studio's ethernet grid to interface with most PTZ consoles such as Panasonic, Sony, Skaarhoj. The dedicated software is equipped for motion programming and virtual interface.

The Lifto 25 is now evolving into a super high elevation with Lifto Twin. By coupling a double elevation unit, the Lifto Twin reaches 440 cm (14.5 ft) with a stroke of 132 cm (4.3 in) and an increased speed of 75 mm/s (3 in/s). The speed is now variable and multiple positions can be programmed and connected via ethernet.


Booth: C4720

JVC Professional Video is debuting  its new KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras with 40x zoom at NAB 2024.  As the company’s first PTZ cameras to incorporate this focal depth, the KY-PZ540 and KY-PZ540N with integrated NDI HX3 capabilities are designed with JVC’s 4K imager. The cameras also feature JVC’s Variable Scan Mapping technology, which scans the 4K sensor to produce a seamless and lossless image transition up to 40x in full-resolution HD. The new JVC KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras also incorporate the brand’s features, such as AI enabled advanced SMART auto-tracking operation and NDI supported IP-based remote operation capabilities. JVC recently expanded its auto-tracking to include five new advanced features: Standard, Area, Stage, Wide Area, and Fine Adjustment modes. In addition, presets for exposure, color and image were added as well. These upgrades provide additional benefits in frame composition, zones, and modes of operation. 


Booth: SL5105 (South Hall Lower)

The entire LiveU EcoSystem will be on display at the 2024 NAB Show and key EcoSystem players in the industry will join the LiveU Stage in the company’s booth to share their game plan for covering these events.

With LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) sitting at the very heart of LiveU’s EcoSystem, enterprise-class interoperability is assured, providing customers with maximum flexibility and adaptability, all underpinned by market-leading reliability and quality. NAB Show sees the unveiling of additional enhancements across the spectrum of the LiveU EcoSystem, demonstrating that the pioneer of IP-video over bonded connections remains at the forefront of customer-centric innovation.

Visitors to the booth will have  hands-on experiences with LiveU’s advanced connectivity offers, including Private 5G, Low Earth Orbit Satellite and IP-based distribution.

“2024 will be a record-breaking year for live IP-video, with a very strong roster of global sports events, dozens of elections, and other high-profile events all contributing to its growth,” notes Steve Wind-Mozley, LiveU CMO. “Everything we will showcase at the Show is designed to shorten workflows by reducing complexity and effort, and to add efficiency. Many LiveU customers have already benefited from reduced operating costs as they seize on the many advantages of using bonded IP instead of fiber or satellite for primary and back-up solutions and I’m delighted that some of them will join us on stage to share their stories.”

Just Scratching the Surface!

There will be so much more to see and talk about in the days ahead as we all gear up for the 2024 NAB Show. Just like you, I know there will be too many things to see and talk about, but we will go all in just like we do every year. I would expect to hear some major announcements just prior to the show so make sure to check back often. Also, be sure to put these other exhibitors on your “hot” list because I know they have some cool stuff coming that we just can’t reveal quite yet. Here they are:

  • ARRI (6325)
  • DJI (C6116)
  • ZEISS (C7312)
  • SMALLHD (C5816)
  • ROSS (SL2005)
  • TERADEK (C5916)
  • AJA (SL3065)
  • Blackmagic Design (SL5005)
  • Canon (C201LMR)
  • Panasonic Connect (C3310)

Please feel free to jump in the fray with any new and juicy industry info! Come by and see us at in the Central Hall (Booth C6535) or email me the good stuff at: As always, safe travels and we will see you in Las Vegas!