OWC Announces Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter

The OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter opens a world of possibilities

Professionals: Use it to stream high-resolution, life-like content on multiple monitors. Keep active projects open on one display while viewing members of an online meeting on another display. Keep an eye on chat boxes while simultaneously connecting with your followers on another screen.

Students: Improve online learning with multiple screens. Read text or watch the instructor on one display as you take notes on the other.

Gaming: Stretch that racing and flight sim game across two screens for an unbelievable view. Dedicate one screen as a map or voice chat display to eliminate the hassle of minimizing game windows.

OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter Highlights:

  • Single display up to 8K @ 30Hz or 8K @ greater than 30Hz with DSC
  • Dual display up to 4K @ 60Hz, 4K @ 144Hz with DSC, or 8K with DSC
  • See it All: Watch videos, play games, create crisp digital signage walls, and make eye-catching presentations on a DisplayPort display or projector
  • Full Display Potential: DSC (Display Stream Compression) compatible for higher refresh rates
  • Stunning Visuals: HDR for sharper images, brighter colors, and greater contrast
  • Hear More: Supports multichannel, high-definition digital audio formats
  • Energy Efficient: Achieve high resolutions on two displays without draining system resources
  • Protected: 1 Year OWC Limited Warranty

Pricing & Availability

OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter is available to order on Macsales.com for $78.00.