Dave Colantuoni, Avid's VP of Product Management, answered a few questions about what to expect from Avid at NAB 2023.

Debuting Demonstrations of New Software with Avid at NAB 2023
Can you share what your company is showcasing at NAB 2023?
We’re excited to show debut demonstrations of new software and integrated offerings, including our recently announced Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD flash storage engine, Stream IO IP ingest and playout solution, as well as new cloud deployments and camera-to-cloud tech previews. We’ve also announced a new program that provides free Media Composer licenses to college students. Avid is focused on delivering solutions that elevate the creativity and collaboration of media companies, production teams and individual content producers working in TV, film and music.
What trends are you looking out for?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have dominated much of the conversation around emerging technologies in the industry and there’s no doubt that this will continue to be the case at this year’s NAB Show, too. We’ll see how companies are creatively applying these technologies to their products and solutions. While a big topic of conversation will be around how these newer technologies will impact the industry, Avid has been using AI for a decade to accelerate challenging production tasks like finding clips with PhraseFind and ScriptSync. The industry will see us taking AI a lot further. With the increasing adoption of 5G networks across the industry, we expect to see a huge variety of 5G applications being showcased as more and more companies look to leverage its revolutionizing capabilities, particularly for production. Our recent partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group is an example of the benefits that implementing a new cloud-based approach using 5G can bring, including lowering connectivity costs and streamlining metadata acquisition. Another trend we’ll see at NAB is around remote collaboration tools and cloud-based solutions. Companies in film, TV and broadcast want more efficient remote production solutions that cut costs, provide flexibility and can be scaled easily. In remote production, professionals need to be able to work from any location but ensure the same high-quality output, so we’ll see more advanced solutions and tools that cater for that.
How do you think production technology is evolving? Where is the future of the industry heading (in your opinion)?
It’s crucial for us to continuously challenge what’s in the market with new ways of thinking so that we continue to develop more effective and efficient solutions in production. Technological developments in remote collaboration and cloud-based solutions, and the rapid advancement of technologies like artificial intelligence will continue to provide transformative change to the industry. Production will reap the rewards from these advancements by seeing workflows become even more streamlined, a significant reduction of overall costs and improved efficiency across the industry as a whole.
Where can we visit you at the show? (booth number)
You can find us in the North Hall at booth #N1221