Greg Laporte, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sonnet, shared a peek into what he and the Sonnet team will be up to at NAB 2023.

Sonnet on Showcasing Several Newly-released Products at NAB 2023 and more!
Can you share what your company is showcasing at NAB 2023?
Sonnet will exhibit it's entire range of products, showcasing several newly-released products, including: The latest additions to our line of high-performance Ethernet network interface PCIe cards and Thunderbolt adapters, the Twin25G PCIe Card and Twin25G Thunderbolt adapter. What makes these products unique are their macOS support and breakthrough low prices that enable affordable upgrading to 25Gb network performance. Three new Thunderbolt docking stations, including the Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock with an industry-leading number of ports and features including built-in M.2 NVMe SSD storage expansion capability.
What trends are you looking out for?
Over the past several years we have seen the majority of our postproduction customers migrate to 10Gb Ethernet networks to support shared storage workflows. Now, an increasing number of them are requiring 25Gb network connections to each editing workstation. There are already very affordable 25Gb switches available, but the cost of connecting client workstations has, until now, been cost prohibitive. With the introduction of Sonnet's low-cost 25Gb Thunderbolt adapters and PCIe cards, we expect a robust migration to 25Gb networks.
Anything specific you're excited to see this year?
Apple's introduction of the Mac Studio, particularly the M1 Ultra edition with it's 20-core CPU and 64-core GPU has become an instant success as a video post production workstation. We are looking forward to seeing software and workflows that leverage this powerful workstation.
How do you think production technology is evolving? Where is the future of the industry heading (in your opinion)?
Postproduction software is incorporating more SFX features and leveraging AI to do so. There are more pro video cameras that incorporate 8K - 12K sensors and record at increasingly higher frame rates. Efficient workflows incorporating footage from these cameras require computers with more powerful CPUs and GPUs, faster storage, and higher-bandwidth connectivity. So far, we haven't seen any indication that this trend will slow.
What tech/booths are you most excited to see/visit?
We are looking forward to visiting Sonnet's partners booths.
Where can we visit you at the show? (booth number)
North Hall - N2069