An interview from the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas with Ryan Snyder of Canon USA. Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced at NAB the launch of two additions to the company’s 8K Flex Zoom Cinema Lens Series—the CN-E14-35mm T1.7 and the CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 Super 35mm format lenses. The company also announced four new relay kits—the RL-S1 and RL-S2 (for Super 35mm) and the RL-F1 and RL-F2 (for full-frame). The kits adapt each Flex Zoom lens to suit whatever sensor format is required.

The Canon Flex Zoom lens series was first introduced in 2022 to support full-frame digital cinema cameras. Today, the CN-E14-35mm T1.7 and CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 expand the Flex Zoom series to include support for Super 35mm cinema cameras. The new lenses, available in interchangeable EF and PL mounts, help produce video with beautiful and natural background blur that is desired by many end-users.

Designed for the pursuit of cinematic beauty, the new lenses achieve superb 8K optical performance while maintaining the style and ease-of-use of Canon’s Cinema lens series. Ideal for shooting movies, television dramas, commercials, and a wide range of other video content, the lenses maintain a bright T1.7 aperture1 across their zoom ranges, enabling operators to create powerful, shallow depth-of-field shots.

The Canon Flex Zoom lenses are designed with “flexibility” in mind. Each Flex Zoom, by virtue of their relay kits, can be adapted for Super 35mm or full-frame sensors as needed to support the ever-changing requirements of film productions for both popular sensor formats.

The use of the relay kits provides an added level of versatility and value to a customer’s Flex Zoom lens.

firmware updates to the Cinema EOS Camera lineup, which includes the EOS R5 C, EOS C70, EOS C500 Mark II, and EOS C300 Mark III. Putting customer needs first, Canon is rolling out a variety of updates that help with auto focus, support for new cinema lenses, and improved operability.

For the hybrid video and still photography content creator, the EOS R5 C firmware updates include:

Improved AF performance when Face Detection AF is enabled, adding the ability to select a face with an RF Lens’ Control Ring or the camera’s Control Dial. Improved Head Detection allows the EOS R5 C to detect a subject’s head, even when the subject is looking backwards. The AF frame also changes size based on the subject detected during tracking. This update is also available for the EOS C70 camera.

· Power Save Mode improvements extend recording time by approximately 30% in 4K/60p1.
· Enhanced Clear Scan in Shutter Mode menu reduces potential flicker during LED wall usage.
· For usage with Canon’s Dual Fisheye Lens, the ability to switch from left to right lens during VR recording when using Magnify and enabled 2x magnification when recording in 8K.
·Reduced switching time between photo and video mode – approximately 40% faster from Photo to Video and 70% faster from Video to Photo.

Expanding the operational convenience and versatility that comes with the EOS C70, EOS C500 Mark II, and EOS C300 Mark III firmware updates include:

· The EOS C70 camera will support added lenses expanding to CINE-SERVO 15-120mm lens and the newly launched Flex Zoom 14-35mm.
· The EOS C500 Mark II/EOS C300 Mark III cameras will support the Flex Zoom 20-50mm lens.
· Enhanced Clear Scan Shutter Mode reduces potential flicker during LED wall usage.
· Ability to change the on-screen Wave Form Monitor’s size (x2) and opacity by touch or through the camera’s menu.

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