An interview from the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas with Paul Royalty of LiteGear. LiteGear is an LED lighting equipment company for professionals in Cinema, TV, and HD Video industries. What started as a provider of flexible LED lighting for use in Cinema and TV lighting applications, grew into a major supplier of a wide range of advanced motion picture LED lighting to suit every on-set need. The innovation and development of LiteRibbon, LiteDimmer, LiteStix, LiteMat, and LiteTile continue to have a major impact on lighting and art departments across the globe. LiteGear offers technical expertise that assist gaffers and technicians with creating solutions to unique challenges on set. In this interview Paul talks with us about their new Auroris lighting system.

This full-color overhead light source combines high-quality color rendition and precision control in one sleek, easy-to-use package. Powered by LiteGear’s Spectrum technology, Auroris is built with 24 large format pixels, creating a pixel mappable source that can cover a 100-square-foot area with just one fixture. Designed to be light on weight and easy to rig, Auroris is one of the slimmest, most versatile soft lights period. The game of large area overhead lighting is forever changed.

With Auroris, low ceilings and insufficient rigging points are no longer an obstacle. We built LiteGear’s legendary lighting quality into a low-profile system that weighs 30% less than other available rigs. This makes Auroris the ideal lighting solution for everything from a repurposed warehouse to a large sound stage and everything in between. At just 1 inch thin, Auroris can be used in softboxes that are only 12 inches deep, letting you recreate the light quality of a traditional softbox with just one-sixth of the space. It’s now possible to fill an entire production studio with Auroris units that easily join to create seamless ceilings or walls of soft, even light.

Get ready to save on space and time. Two technicians can set up an Auroris X in less than 20 minutes. Simply unfold Auroris on the ground, attach it to your rigging structure with integrated straps, hoist it into the air, and you’re ready to go. Plus, every Auroris is equipped with heavy-duty webbing and locking buckles that make attaching and tightening to a rig faster than ever, without the need for zip ties or complex rigging hardware. And wrapping has never been quicker. Auroris can be uncoupled from your rig, folded, and stored in minutes.

LiteGear’s Spectrum color technology delivers cinema-quality color output, with high-quality white light from 2,000K to 11,000K and wide-gamut hue selection with full spectrum desaturation. This color control is spread over 24 individual large format pixels in the Auroris X model and 12 individual large format pixels in the Auroris V. Auroris is an effortless way to create the perfect amount of pixel resolution for cinematic illumination in a lightweight and slim-profile package. From running video content over a full pixel-mapped rig to creating a subtle CCT gradient, you’re in complete control.

Auroris can light a large area, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to pack up and transport. Designed to fold up into a package that is a fraction of its size when fully deployed, an Auroris X unit can be quickly folded into a 21 in x 21 in x 32 in storage bag, making packing convenient and taking the guesswork out of transportation. An optional road case can hold the complete Auroris X system and is designed to be easily transportable while offering a high level of protection for Auroris.

When using the Auroris accessory system, you can effortlessly mount fixtures, reducing setup time. A grid of 10 Auroris X fixtures can cover 1,000 square feet, unlike competing overhead products that require 40 units for similar coverage. With high LED density and 24 light engines, one Auroris X unit can replace four or more comparable lighting fixtures.

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