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An interview from the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Zack Shannon of Core SWX. Core SWX is the market leader in batteries and charging solutions for the digital cinema and the professional video industries, along with emerging markets such as drones and virtual reality. In this interview Zack talks with us about their most advanced battery system yet, the Helix.

Using the award winning Hypercore series battery infrastructure as the basis for Helix, the new packs have all the functionality of its predecessors, including storage mode and camera communication, with the added dual voltage output function, an updated high resolution runtime LCD, and Core’s patented VoltbridgeID. The new runtime LCD provides the utmost transparency on battery capacity, runtime, charge time, and indication when the high voltage output mode is activated. VoltbridgeID leverages RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to allow users to view their battery’s vitals by simply placing their phone over the battery with the VoltBridgeID app, as well as offer a built-in asset tag for large production and rental companies to manage their battery inventory.

The patent pending Helix system is offered in V-mount and 3-stud/Gold mount, 100% compatible with existing charging installations, and functions in any current production environment like any other 14v Li-ion battery pack. When the battery pack is placed on one of Core’s HLX mounts, a “handshake” occurs, activating the higher voltage output(up to 33.6v), while still offering the standard lower voltage output for 14v accessories and ptap outputs. Currently the HLX mount plates are offered for high voltage accepting cameras like ARRI’s LF/, Mini-LF, RED Ranger, and Sony Venice. Mount plates are also available for various high votlage lighting models, as well as hotswap/sharkfin tandem mounts to extend operational runtime. Helix “B-mounts,” to support ARRI’s new battery protocol, will also be available to convert the B-mount to HLX V-mount and HLX 3-stud/gold for high voltage operation.

The Helix battery pack models are available in a 98wh Mini, Helix Prime, 2-part 190wh, and Helix XL, 293wh). In addition, Core SWX is releasing a new “mini” 150wh battery pack to join the Helix range. The Helix 150 Mini is compact in size (3.54” x 4.65” x 2.38”), and weighs less than 2 lbs.

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