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An interview from the 2018 NAB Show in New York City with Jonathan Solomon of Aspera. Aspera software solutions bring breakthrough cost savings and efficiency gains to organizations that need to move large volumes of data over public and private IP networks. Easy-to-deploy, fully cross-platform, file type and network type agnostic, Aspera solutions deliver unprecedented levels of transfer performance to file-based workflows – including maximum speed, security, and bandwidth efficiency – and are widely used across a variety of industries all over the globe, transporting petabytes of data each day. In this interview Jonathan talks with us about their FASPStream Streaming Protocol as well as their On Cloud Service to quickly, securely and reliably move files and data sets of any size and type across a hybrid cloud environment.

A complete end-to-end production system that enables near-live distribution of live content can be possible using Aspera FASPstream. This live content is ingested, transformed and delivered in near real time. Since the media delivery is distributed faster than the traditional workflow, this enables the delivery of additional streams besides the traditional single central live stream feed.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) can use Aspera FASPstream for media ingest to speed the delivery of media content. FASPstream can be used throughout the entire process including into and out of the encoding process and to deliver media files to the Origin Servers and distribution nodes. Content is distributed faster than traditional transfer protocols, since FASPstream uses FASP, which overcomes packet loss and latency.

Aspera FASPstream delivers the byte-stream of media content using the FASP protocol to enable end users to begin viewing content sooner. If the media content is not located in the closest Edge Server, Aspera FASPstream can be used to transfer the media content to the closest Edge Server and then forward it directly to the end user. This will bypass the time needed to completely copy over a file into the Edge Server before transferring it to the end user.

Using IBM Aspera on Cloud, organizations can seamlessly access and share data stored across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers. Internal and external users collaborate over the data in a secure environment that tightly controls access to content and application functionality. Large files and data sets are transferred across the storage environment using Aspera's FASP® protocol, which overcomes the limitations of other file-transfer technologies to move data at maximum speed regardless of network conditions, physical distance between sites, and file size, type, or number.

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