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An interview from the 2018 NAB Show in New York City with David Piazza of Westcott. Westcott markets a complete line of light control accessories for professional image makers. Since Westcott entered the photography market 76 years ago, it has become a major innovator in devising light control products. With the company’s expansion into the film/video markets, this long-standing commitment to innovation has continued. Westcott offers a wide range of products designed for the lighting professional. In this interview David talks with us about the new Flex Cine Lighting System Featuring versatile flexible LED mats backed by a lifetime limited warranty, wireless DMX dimmer, V-mount power, and the industry's most complete range of lightweight LED modifiers.

Featuring redesigned flexible LED mats backed by a lifetime limited warranty, a smart Wireless DMX Dimmer, V-mount power, and the industry's most complete range of lightweight LED modifiers, Westcott’s Flex Cine System has been designed to meet the demands of modern filmmakers. New Flex Cine LED mats are ideal for travel and lighting in compact spaces. Available with full color spectrum RGBW, 2800K to 6000K bi-color, or 5600K daylight output in sizes ranging from 1' x 1' to 2' x 2', these powerful lights offer pristine flicker-free lighting up to 960fps for any situation. They're lightweight, water-resistant, equipped with powerful magnetic corners, and backed by an unprecedented lifetime limited warranty.

Flex Cine mats are operated by the industry’s first smart dimmer for flexible LEDs. This Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer offers both DMX512 Input/Output 5-Pin Male/Female XLR and wireless DMX capability for controlling one or multiple dimmers via WiFi Host/Client Mode.

This dimmer is equipped with Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation that allows Flex LED mats to be dimmed down to 1% while maintaining a flicker-free output up to 960 frames per second. Mat Sensing Technology detects which Flex LED mat is connected, specifies the required voltage, and customizes the available dimmer controls. This controller is backwards compatible with original Flex mats with an optional TE-9 pin adapter.

When utilizing the dimmer's on-board controls, users have access to a dynamic range of tools that control color and intensity, including 120+ pre-loaded color gel presets with daylight or tungsten backing, source-matching presets, user-defined presets, CCT controls, and more. When operating DMX over Art-Net, the dimmer is compatible with mobile apps. Westcott has partnered with the industry leading app, Luminair, which offers a dedicated Westcott profile as well as advanced lighting effects and controls.

The Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer is designed with a built-in V-mount to accept cord-free 26V Lithium-Ion Batteries, including Westcott’s travel-friendly 150Wh battery option, or the robust Flex Cine AC Adapter. Users can also power a 1' x 1' bi-color or daylight LED mat with a compatible 14.4-14.8V V-mount battery.

Flex LEDs can be positioned, softened, and directed in virtually any location via a wide range of compact accessories featuring durable modular frames and diffusion with industry-trusted designs. Light modifiers include collapsible Flex Cine softboxes, egg crate grids, hard diffusion panels, barndoors, drum softbox, and more.

Flex Cine products are available individually or in all-inclusive kits. These cost-saving bundles include Flex Cine LED mats, Wireless DMX Dimmers, AC or DC power, modifiers, mounts, and cases.

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