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An interview from the 2018 NAB Show in New York City with Nick Warburton of Symply. Symply is an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions, designed for media professionals – from the single editor to an entire facility. In this interview Nick talks with us about the Industry’s First Affordable High-Speed Multi-User StorNext 6 Powered Thunderbolt 3 Storage Solution, the SymplyWORKSPACE.

At NAB NY 2018, Symply a Global Distribution brand, showcased the first Thunderbolt 3 based SAN technology using StorNext 6 called SymplyWORKSPACE. The preview is designed to demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of shared Thunderbolt 3. With the high adoption rates of Thunderbolt equipped workstations and laptops being used in media production, being able to connect high-speed shared storage has been a hassle, requiring expensive and bulky adapters.

This unique product allows laptops and workstations equipped with Thunderbolt 3 to ingest, edit, finish, and deliver without ever moving content locally, even at 4K resolutions with a direct Thunderbolt 3 cable connection, no adapter needed. Based on the industry leading Quantum StorNext 6 sharing software, users can reliably connect up to 8 laptops and workstations to the system using standard Thunderbolt with no additional hardware or adapters, and share video files, graphics and other data files instantly.

One of the early limitations of Thunderbolt 3, has been the short cable length from storage to workstation. With the recent Corning optical cable technology demonstration, users can be tens of meters away from the SymplyWORKSPACE.

While the company has not announced pricing or availability, the systems are expected to start under $10,000 USD for 48TB and 4 users, making the solution perfect for smaller post production houses in-house creative, house of worship, sports teams, ad agencies, and any creative user facility with more than one users looking for high-speed sharing at an affordable price.

SymplyRTM is the first workflow management tool that combines the setup and management of StorNext and all RAID management steps into a single operation. Users can simply deploy systems locally or around the world. SymplyULTRA is available in a range of configurations to meet a variety of requirements depending on performance, capacity and number of users – all backed by Symply’s storage and workflow experts and preferred integrators and resellers worldwide.

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