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An interview from the 2018 NAB Show in New York City with Jeff Lee of CameoGear. CameoGear is a line of high-quality products and accessories built for cinema and imaging professionals. Our offerings include camera and lens controllers and accessories, monitor accessories, control cables, power supplies and resolution analysis charts. CameoGear is developed by a team of engineers in Brooklyn, NY who build solutions that working professionals rely on every day. Our products are designed, prototyped and tested in close collaboration with the industry professionals that inspire them. In this interview Jeff talks with us about the CameoGrip Handgrip Accessory.

The CameoGrip is a retro-style, electronic handgrip that can mount Bolex-style under a small camera, be used with the included rosette adapter as a handgrip with an over-the-shoulder camera, or be used with a third party clamp as a pan-arm grip. It can control cameras that support the LANC remote control protocol as well as Sony cameras with a Multi-Terminal port.

Functions include run/stop, zoom control, iris control (on LANC cameras) and other functions that can be assigned using a software interface over USB.

• (2)x Axis joystick for controlling any (2) of Zoom, Iris or Focus
(depending and camera and lens compatibility)
• Run/Stop Button to Start/Stop Recording
• (2)x Programmable Buttons

• (1)x 8-pin Hirose connector for connecting to camera

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