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An interview from the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with David Clevinger of IBM Watson Media. IBM Watson is the first commercially available cognitive computing capability, representing a new era in computing. Watson analyzes high volumes of data and processes information more like a human than a computer—by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes. In this interview David talks with us about IBM Watson Media solutions and how they enable leading brands to infuse artificial intelligence throughout their media workflow, unlocking new monetization opportunities and maximizing viewer engagement.

In the fast moving world of sports, broadcasters need to generate clips and highlights as quickly as possible. But with hours of live video feeds and consumer demand for immediate gratification, this is no easy feat. Watson Video Enrichment changes that with efficient video analysis that finds the most relevant highlights based on dynamic rules. Watson listens to, watches, and learns from live sports feeds to automatically identify and curate the most exciting moments, turning them into segments that can be used in online highlight packages to satisfy social demand. Automating highlight creation not only saves you money and time, but also helps you scale for large events where demand and the need for quick turnaround is even greater.

IBM was the official AI partner for the 60th annual GRAMMY Awards. The awards show marks the first time that the Recording Academy used AI to streamline production and operations and generate a highly engaging viewer experience. The Recording Academy integrated IBM Watson Media’s capabilities into the show’s digital workflow to process over 5.5 hours of Red Carpet live coverage and more than 100,000 images while also providing lyrical and fashion analysis for fans to engage with.

The US Open leveraged Cognitive Highlights, one of the first solutions available through IBM Watson Media, to give tennis fans near-real time match highlights. IBM Watson Media’s video enrichment service helped video editors quickly package and distribute highlight reels in record speeds by automatically identifying and ranking exciting match moments based on its understanding of cues like crowd and commentator excitement levels, player reactions, and scoring. The Cognitive Highlights technology used at the US Open this year builds on previous IBM projects at the US Open, Wimbledon and the Masters.

IBM Watson Media worked with Augusta and The Masters to rank each shot of the golf tournament by excitement level. Watson analyzed all the match footage in real time to score each shot based on a combination of commentator excitement level, player gestures like facial expressions, fist pumps etc, and crowd noise. Taking those criteria into consideration, Watson was able to rank every player's individual stroke during the tournament by excitement on a 0-1 scale. These rankings let consumers then find and search for match moments not only by how recently they happened, but also by how entertaining they are.

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