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An interview from the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with John Humphrey of Hitachi Kokusai. is a company that manufactures broadcasting systems, security and surveillance systems, wireless communications and information systems, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

In this interview John talks with us about how Hitachi Kokusai is helping broadcasters and content producers navigate the industry’s disruptive transition from baseband video infrastructures to IP- based workflows, with the implementation of its SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards across its extensive range of broadcast camera systems.

Support for SMPTE ST 2110 – which provides standards for Professional Media over Managed IP Networks – is planned for all current-model HITACHI HDTV broadcast cameras when paired with new IP-enabled models in the CU-HD1300 family of camera control units. Demonstrations will display SDI-delivered signals alongside IP-based video transport from the same source, enabling visitors to experience first-hand the video quality transparency and low latency enabled by Hitachi Kokusai’s IP implementation.

HITACHI HDTV camera systems will initially comply with the published ST 2110-10 (System Timing and Definitions), ST 2110-20 (Uncompressed Active Video), ST 2110- 30 (PCM Digital Audio) and ST 2110-21 (Traffic Shaping and Delivery Timing for Video) standards, as well as the soon-to-be finalized ST 2110-40 specification concerning metadata such as captions, dynamic range and more. Hitachi Kokusai’s IP implementation will also comply with the ST 2059-2 PTP (Precision Time Protocol in Professional Broadcast Applications) and the AMWA NMOS IS-04 (Discovery and Registration) specification.

Camera output will be delivered over multicast IP as one channel of uncompressed video with two embedded digital audio channels. For HITACHI cameras equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, all HDR functionality is available with IP-based transport, continuing Hitachi Kokusai’s leadership in supporting the ITU R.BT.2100 HDR format.

The company also announced an optional firmware upgrade for its SK-UHD4000 4K Ultra HD camera system to enhance simultaneous HDR and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) acquisition. New optional 12Gbps SDI output capabilities for the accompanying CU-HD4000 CCU have also been added to its existing quad-link SDI interface.

The new CU-HD1300F-S1 builds on the rich feature set of the original CU-HD1300F, combining SMPTE fiber transport and multi-format HDTV support with intercom, teleprompter return, and additional signal connectivity in a space-efficient 2RU unit. The CU-HD1300F-S1 can output natively-acquired 1080p video as 4K/UHD over single-link 12Gbps SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI connectivity.

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