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An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Toby Sali of BB&S Lighting. BB&S is a leading LED lighting manufacturer and product development company in the entertainment lighting industry. The Copenhagen based company specifies, develops, produces and markets high-end LED lighting for video, television broadcast studios, motion picture, live performance, harnessing technical and design skills to deliver innovative, high quality and cost-effective products BBS is the pioneering developer of the remote phosphor Area 48 LED light. In this interview Toby talks with us about a wide range of new products, like the new, fit-anywhere, 4-inch and 8-inch long Lights in the Pipeline family and the Pipeline 2’ 2-Bank remote phosphor LED.

Just 1-inch in diameter, Pipeline’s new 4-inch & 8-inch cylindrical Pipes emit a high 98 TLCI remote phosphor LED light, spread over 180 degrees. Among Pipeline’s advantages are low power draw (3W for the 4-inch Pipe, 7W for the 8-inch), high output (333 lumens for the 4-inch Pipe, 666 lumens for the 8-inch), and wide light dispersion–all with heatless and fan-less operation. They are available in 10-20V to run on batteries or 48V versions that dim all the way down to zero.

These new, small, cylindrical fixtures can be mounted virtually anywhere: on the ceiling, on a C-stand, in a doorway. Any small, hard to light space is a good candidate for lighting with a 4 or 8-inch Pipe. They are easily hidden in nooks and crannies in background pieces, and dialed in to just the right dimming level. These Free Pipes feature dedicated dimmer/drivers to control the output and feed power. They are power versatile via 12V automobile battery, 14.4V battery via d-tap, or AC adapter.

BB&S also introduced the Pipeline 2’ 2-Bank remote phosphor LED light. This small footprint fixture is powerful and controllable, so it’s a good fit for broadcast studios, remote production, and cine work alike.

Despite its small form-factor, the Pipeline 2’ 2-Bank provides high light output, low power draw, and extremely accurate color 98 TLCI accuracy. Available in 3200°K, 4300°K and 5600°K versions, each infinitely smooth-dimmable with no color shift or flicker.

Compactly designed, the 2’ 2-Bank fixture weighs 3 pounds and measures 24”L x 4” high x 1.5” deep. In the field it travels lightly as a single unit and fits in a small case. In studio it can be mounted flush against a wall or ceiling, or hung with a variety of optional hardware accessories. It is a real problem-solver in small studio spaces.

Unlike standard LED fixtures BB&S instead employs remote phosphor technology, which separates the LEDs from the color generating phosphor coating, enabling more vivid color generation, 98 TLCI, and avoids color degradation over the long term. Within each Bank are two, 1-inch cylindrical Pipes each with a solid aluminum back channel that makes them extremely rugged.

The 2’ 2-Bank draws just 40W at the 100% end of its dimming range, outputting a maximum of 4000 lumens. This allows up to a dozen 2-Banks to be plugged into the same 15W wall outlet. For field production, commonly available professional 14.4V camera battery packs can also be utilized, with the optional driver dimmer pack, eliminating the need for AC outlets.

Part of the Pipeline Raw family, the 2’ 2-Bank are driver/dimmer agnostic, ready to be set up as the user prefers. A short cable with a 3-pin XLR connector on the fixture allows a single controller or BB&S’ 48V 4-way Controller with DMX, to control up to four of the 2-Banks. This 48V solution provides smooth dimming all the way to zero (even in the last 5%). Users can supply their own LED driver/dimmers with optional DMX packages. Optional 8’, 16’ and 24’ extension cables can be used with no power loss.

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