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An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with James Wilson of Vinten. Vinten is a leading provider of manual and robotic camera support systems offering engineering excellence and globally supported solutions for a wide range of technologies and markets. Offering a best-in-class range of products that includes manual supports, robotic heads, pedestals, and controllers, Vinten is the premium solution for studio and outside broadcast. With over 80 registered patents, Vinten frees the camera operator’s creativity by making camera operation effortless. In this interview James talks with us about Vinten Vantage, which enables broadcast-quality video and superior motion control at the same price point as a traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera head, all in a compact and lightweight form factor.

The Vantage is a truly camera- and lens-agnostic robotic head, supporting professional camcorders from a variety of manufacturers, including Canon and Sony, as well as both full-servo and manual lens types. This versatility allows users to choose the best camera and lens for their application requirements and build a future-proof platform that will support their ongoing and evolving production needs.

The MicroVRC is a cost-effective, modular version of Vinten's high-end HD-VRC software that allows small studios to leverage the award-winning Vantage compact robotic head for unmatched flexibility in content creation and broadcast-quality movement and control. Utilizing an easy to use PC control and USB Joystick the VRC is the perfect companion to the Vantage, and can control multiple units for various shooting angles - all within budget. If users require control of five or more heads, have studios with a significant number of robotic systems, or need control over all axes (pan, tilt, zoom, focus, elevation, and XY), then Vinten's complete HDVRC control system is an easy-to-configure control solution that provides multi-user, multi-facility control of pedestals, heads and elevation units.

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