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An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Sam Coupe of Broadway Video. Broadway Video is a global media and entertainment company now in its fourth decade of completing television, film, music, digital and commercial projects. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Broadway Video produces and distributes original content for every platform and offers one-stop tools and talent for editorial, design, audio, color grading, finishing and screening, as well as digital file storage and distribution. In this interview Sam talks with us about its Digital 1 workflow solution – a single, seamless platform for managing and delivering digital content to OTT marketplaces. As an innovator of new technologies for digital video production, distribution, delivery services and post-production, Broadway Video developed Digital 1 to meet the latest demands of a new economy, addressing all aspects of digital content fulfillment – from creative conception to monetization.

Broadway Video’s Digital 1 service is a single portal that facilitates preparation, aggregation and delivery of digital content across multiple platforms in a single, seamless process. This workflow consists of advanced encoding and transcoding solutions, rich metadata management, cloud-based file storage, format conversion, quality control and closed captioning capabilities. Large networks to independent content creators can deliver content to Broadway Video’s multiple qualified platforms, which include Amazon™, Google Play™, Hulu™, iTunes®, Netflix®, Roku® and Vudu™ among others.

In line with the intuitive workflow, the Digital 1 user interface is an integral component of the platform, offering transparent tracking throughout the submitted contents’ workflow. The dashboard’s simplistic, open design lends itself to responsiveness and scalability to accommodate growth.

For content creators who are looking to generate a new revenue stream, Digital 1 offers the ability to manage metadata to identify HTML elements that directly communicate and clarify information for search engines. This capability, built within the Digital 1 workflow, captures and leverages metadata for delivery and archiving content to be used as needed. The result is a custom user experience that’s optimized for an immediate call-to-action and unlimited opportunities for consumer engagement during programming.

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