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An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Aly Migliori of Easyrig. The Easyrig portable camera support system is a cost effective aid which can be used with both film and video cameras. Ergonomically designed, the Easyrig reduces the static load on the neck and shoulder muscles, and distributes it to other parts of the body which are more capable of handling it. The Easyrig is ideal for news broadcasts, sport events, documentaries, commercials or many other handheld situations where stability is crucial and where the freedom to move is essential. In this interview Aly talks with us about the new Easyrig 3 Cinema Flex Vest for Women Camera Operators.

The EasyRig Cinema Flex vest is designed specifically for the female form. This vest is reinforced across the upper chest to provide a better fit for female camera operators.

Adjust the upper portion with Velcro over the shoulder. Another adjustable band sits under the arm. See the detail photos for images of this vest in use.

The Cinema Flex is available in Standard Size for a 27”-55” waist, plus with either a 5” or a 9” extended arm to fit most female body types. Camera weight will affect which vest you require, so be sure to select the appropriate size for your needs.

Both the Easyrig 3 and the Vario 5 are available with a Cinema Flex fit.

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