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APRIL 4th, 2019 (DALLAS) ​- Wooden Camera announces the Shoulder Rig v3, a major update to Wooden Camera’s popular Shoulder Rig at a lower price point. Now only $499 for the Base and $995 for the Pro!

The Shoulder Rig v3 weight has been reduced by 10% for the Pro and 18% for the Base compared to Shoulder Rig v2 and the shoulder pad is now larger and more durable with an integrated kickstand for setting the rig down. The Pro version additionally features arms that telescope from ​4.5 in (11.5cm) to 6.7 inches (17cm) and​ ​rotation points to widen or narrow grip spacing.

Both the Base and Pro models of the Shoulder Rig v3 retain the best features from the former model including an ARRI standard dovetail and rosettes, a NATO standard crossbar for lateral left and right adjustments plus threaded holes for attaching accessories like monitors, rod clamps, cheeseplates, battery mounts, and a choice of black rubber or brown leather handgrip options.
Shoulder Rig v3 is available for pre-order now through the Wooden Camera website and through their dealership network and will begin shipping the first week of May.

Shoulder Rig v3 (Base, Rubber)

Shoulder Rig v3 (Base, Brown Leather)

Shoulder Rig v3 (Pro, Rubber)

Shoulder Rig v3 (Pro, Brown Leather)

Crossbar v3 (Pivoting ARRI Rosettes)

Telescopic Rosette Arm


Based in Dallas, Texas, Wooden Camera is part of The Vitec Group’s Creative Solutions division and are creators of professional camera support accessories for film and video production. Wooden Camera also has a retail location in Burbank, California which serves the local film industry.

Headquartered in Southern California, USA, Creative Solutions (CS) designs and manufactures premium products for film and video production companies, broadcasters, independent content creators and enterprises. Comprising the brands Teradek, SmallHD, Wooden Camera and Paralinx, CS products are used around the world for film, television, sports, news, live events and online streaming. CS has manufacturing and R&D centers in the US and Israel and our products are available via our global partners and our own websites.
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Vitec’s customers include broadcasters, independent content creators, photographers and enterprises, and our activities comprise: design, manufacture and distribution of high performance products and solutions including camera supports, camera mounted electronic accessories, robotic camera systems, prompters, LED lights, mobile power, monitors, bags, motion control and noise reduction equipment.

We employ around 1,800 people across the world in 13 different countries and are organised in three Divisions: Imaging Solutions, Production Solutions and Creative Solutions.

The Vitec Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2018 revenue of £385.4 million.

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