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DigiBoom is a new type of gimbal-stabilized camera rig that merges the best of jib, gimbal, Steadicam, drone, and handheld into a single highly mobile platform to enhance field broadcast.

DigiBoom is used by solo operators and small production teams to add eye-popping shots and premium cinema-style feel to location news, sports, and events. It's currently in use in organizations like ABC News, Marvel, and ESPN where DigiBoom supplements or replaces traditional ENG cameras.


Traditional footage from location news and sports can be boring, with your typical ENG shoulder camera. The shots all look the same, and it’s difficult to deliver compelling context for the story, or to offer unusual or eye-catching angles and cameras movements.

Existing efforts to improve location footage fall short:

· A dedicated jib or drone requires additional setup time, specialized skills, and in some cases may not even be usable (drones are severely limited around people and crowds, and can't be used indoors).

· Steadicam requires even more specialized skills and longer setup times, and still does not deliver interesting camera angles.

· GoPro and POV cameras don't look good and can’t be controlled.

DigiBoom gives cameras the ability to go from ground level to over 8’ and everywhere in between while the integrated gimbal keeps shots smooth and steady. Use DigiBoom to create sweeping camera moves or put cameras into unusual point-of-views for maximum visual impact. It’s a modern large sensor camera and cutting edge gimbal stabilization means it’s perfect for live or pre-recorded broadcasts, with the quality and standards television or streaming demands.


DigiBoom’s primary target is location news, sports, and events where a traditional ENG shouldermount camera is used. With a few hours of practice, the camera operator is ready to shoot cinematic movements and add interesting camera angles, where a traditional camera is limited to ho hum shots. DigiBoom supports both live broadcast and recorded footage.


1. More interesting visuals – exciting camera positions and sweeping movements that have people saying “How did they do that?”

2. Creative freedom – compose or improvise creative shots at any time

3. Complete operator control – over all camera controls and angle, all at the fingertips

4. ultra-mobile – lightweight and ready to shoot in a few setup minutes, DigiBoom is designed for solo operators and fast-moving environments, and isn’t tied down by cumbersome setup times or complex gear

5. Gimbal stabilized – all shots and camera movements are high quality and rock solid

6. Incredible range – position the camera from ground level to over 12’ and everything in between

7. Minimal training – unlike Steadicam or jibs it can be learned in a few hours

8. Broadcast ready – has the quality and standards support to integrated seamlessly into existing broadcast environments


1. Traditional ENG shouldermount cameras have limited range and inability to go high or low, and the shots just aren’t that interesting

2. Traditional jibs/cranes are limited to one location and require specialized crews

3. Drones are limited, tricky, dangerous, and can’t be flown over people or indoors

4. Steadicam requires specialized operators and gear that’s complex to setup, and still doesn’t offer the same range of angles and camera positions

5. DIY “camera on a stick” with GoPro or Osmo are visually inferior, nearly impossible to monitor, and don’t offer the required camera/ gimbal control or broadcast support

You can see DigiBoom in action at Redrock Micro stand C9435

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