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NAB | GABBCON - Ad Innovation Lab - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Beyond - April 24th & 25th
Media and tech expert, Joanna Popper joins GABBCON, the Global Audience Based Buying Conference & Consultancy, for a look at the latest innovations in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, MR, XR, and their impact and implications for top brands. The hands-on clinic is part of the NAB Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit powered by GABBCON, and a series of workshops and an opening night cocktail reception held at the Wynn Encore on April 24th beginning at 4pm, PT.

The workshops and executive summit will allow advertisers, brands, agencies broadcasters, Adtech and measurement companies an opportunity to explore learn, and meet the people behind the industry’s most successful efforts in audience-based advertising, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, as well as over-the-top and direct to consumer content streaming in an intimate lab setting, featuring 20+ of the most innovative companies from the NAB Show Floor and GABBCON.

“Recent research shows the majority of consumers believe brands using virtual reality are innovative and that creates a positive perception of the brand,” said Ms. Popper. “It is important for brands to explore this next wave of computing and to prepare their workforce for the future.”

“With Facebook F8 behind us and with Zuckerberg’s eye on TV through the “lens” of glasses and VR, this session and workshop is perfectly timed for anyone trying to better understand where TV is really headed,” said Gabe Greenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of GABBCON.

Ms. Popper plans to offer case studies from entertainment, sports and business brands including the Golden State Warriors, Loews, Universal Studios, Fusion, plus examples of how brands can get on board. For additional information visit

The Global Audience Based Buying Conference and Consultancy, GABBCON occupies the intersection of Madison Avenue, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach. As traditional program and medium-based marketing and advertising transitions to audience-based, cross-platform opportunities, GABBCON draws upon its consummate network of top intra-industry leaders to help forge mutual agreement and broker common ground on everything from nomenclature to standards, methodology and best practices for financing, developing, producing and distributing the world’s most popular video and audio content.

GABBCON hosts a series of globally recognized executive-seminars, bespoke events and exclusive conferences alone and in partnership with preeminent industry organizations including the NAB, major business publications, and other authoritative independent voices. GABBCON consults for and on behalf of a blue-chip portfolio of clients (brands, agencies, DSPs, broadcasters, OTT providers, media companies and more), to enable their specific businesses to best navigate ongoing market disruption via individual consulting, education and other more customized executive training services.