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Perry Goldstein, Director of the Digital Technology division of Marshall Electronics shares what they are showcasing at NAB, along with trends he sees on the horizon.

Marshall Electronics at NAB 2015

Q What new products or services is your company showcasing at NAB this year?

A A line of presentation and production video switchers. Audio solutions for GoPro, mobile journalism, and USB Unified Communications. A line of video converters, such as HDMI to HDSDI, and HDMI to USB 3. New IP streaming encoders. And a full line of broadcast-grade, high definition miniature POV camera's.

Q What trends in technology do you see on the horizon for the world of broadcast and content creation?

A Streaming products for broadcast distribution is the most important topic of the day. Content creation is all about the use of mobile devices and the accessories that support that trend, such as hardware mounts, audio solutions, and live streaming apps.

Q What event are you most excited to attend while at the show?

A John McAfee lunch discussion.

Q Do you think 4K products will be the dominating topic at NAB this year? Why or why not?.

A It will have a large presence, but with the move towards streaming, I feel it will take a back seat. 4K is all about production and mastering content, and not viable for streaming right now.