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Adorama Business Solutions answers a few pre-NAB show questions.

Adorama Bringing Innovation and Creativity to NAB 2018

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last years’ NAB?

A Adorama Business Solutions, Adorama’s B2B sales division serving businesses, educational and government institutions, this year launched Adorama Access, its end-to-end technical support team. Adorama Access enables customers to choose the right products for their needs and get the most out of them. Customers can engage with Adorama Access through the following: pre-sales technical consultations, installation and integration assistance, post-sale annual technical support subscription plans (with support based on a single order, or the entire account), and customize training courses.

Q What motivating factor drives you to continue innovating year after year?

A Adorama and Adorama Business Solutions aims to empower creators with the tools and services that enable them to innovate and see their creativity come to life. Serving everyone from the aspiring photographer or film maker, through to professional cinematographers, broadcasters and content creators, Adorama and Adorama Business Solutions provides customers with end-to-end support so they choose the right products for their needs and get the most out of them.

Q How would you describe the energy around this years’ NAB show?

A The energy level is high… Adorama Business Solutions is excited for what we feel will be an extremely busy and successful show. And our customers share that same level of excitement and enthusiasm.

Q How do you expect NAB 2018 to differ from NAB 2017?

A With the re-branding and launch of Adorama’s B2B sales division, Adorama Business Solutions, during NAB 2017 the past year has been largely involved communicating with the market about the newly expanded service offerings it provides customers. With customers now more familiar with Adorama Business Solutions, NAB 2018 is less about educating customers of the re-branding and more about informing them of the expanded technical and sales support the business has added within the past year.