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Shinichi Minowa, CEO, Canare Corporation of America, talks anticipation before NAB 2018.

Canare Corporation of America talks NAB 2018

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last years’ NAB?

A In 2017, Canare announced its light weight COPS and 12G Family products (L-3.3CUHD Cable, BCP-D33CUHD Connector, BNC Extension Adapter, BNC Receptacles & 32MCK Video Patchbay). In keeping up with the increasing demand for 12G-SDI products, at this year’s NAB Canare will showcase updates to its inline female-to- female BNC adapters as well as its bulkhead BNC connectors.

Q Finish the sentence: 2018 will be the production industry’s year of ---

A focusing more on integration of 12G solutions into new and existing infrastructures to prepare for the continued growth of 4K transmission.

Q What motivating factor drives you to continue innovating year after year?

A Canare is a leader in most countries. As a leader, it’s Canare’s obligation to offer the most technically advanced solutions.

Q How would you describe the energy around this years’ NAB show?

A At NAB 2018, 12G will be recognized as a mature technology. Broadcasters will be eager and motivated to move forward with plans to integrate the technology for current and future use.

Q How do you expect NAB 2018 to differ from NAB 2017?

A Broadcasters are realizing the new alternatives for video transmission. This year we’ll see our customers actively planning and implementing new solutions to maximize transmissions with superior performance. For example, the discussion of 8K transmission will be present, which 12G coax solution of cables and connectors support.

Q Where can we find you on the show floor?

A Canare will be located in the Central Hall in booth C5646