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Eric Bolten, Vice President of Strategic Account Development, Zixi answers a few questions about the upcoming NAB 2018 show.

Zixi's Zen Master Solution at the NAB 2018 Show

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last years’ NAB?

A Since last year’s NAB, Zixi has fully deployed its ZEN Master solution to the marketplace and has been successfully managing a significant number of live linear channels 24/7 for a major broadcast network. Zixi software can now also be found pre-loaded on Cisco’s 9800 IRD. 9800 users can simply activate a Zixi license and be ready to stream live events and live linear videos with all of the clarity and protection the Zixi Platform provides. Additionally, over the past year we’ve seen an increase in our OEMs and service provider partners using Zixi software to orchestrate distribution workflows that are clear strides toward the future of the media business.

Q Finish the sentence: 2018 will be the production industry’s year of...

A IP-distribution at scale, enabling a transformation in agility, reach and economics, thereby replacing media companies’ total reliance on traditional satellite workflows.  IP-based end-to- end workflows are being recognized as legitimate, scalable and agile solutions, for major media companies. We are seeing that CIOs and CTOs are looking at the strategic opportunities this creates. We have production engineers actively using open Internet networks as viable alternatives to fiber and satellite solutions for ingest and distribution in live event and live linear applications.

Q What motivating factor drives you to continue innovating year after year?

A At Zixi, we are focused on outcomes. We provide products, services and solutions, that help our customers succeed. We are driven by innovation that matters - for our company and for the industry. We have worked this way for years and are delighted to see our customers - and the industry - move from simple point-to- point use cases toward more complete media workflows, with truly significant impacts on their business. That success year-after- year is what drives us.

Q How would you describe the energy around this years’ NAB show?

A We are already receiving inbound requests for meetings, which is reflective of the changes we think are happening across the media industry. What is particularly exciting is that these requests are coming from engineers to CTOs who have specific and increasingly strategic opportunities for IP video distribution. We think this is reflective of their confidence in Zixi’s Platform and the need to improve their agility, reach and economics. We are expecting a full demo schedule at the show. The media industry response to our ZEN Master solution has been even better than we hoped. We think this year’s NAB Show is going to be particularly busy and productive.

Q How do you expect NAB 2018 to differ from NAB 2017?

A Last year, we announced our product concept and roadmap for ZEN Master. This year we are thrilled to showcase our in-production capabilities, new functionality and the performance results of one of our biggest customers. ZEN Master has already proven to be a breakthrough orchestration solution. It allows media companies to scale the use of the open Internet as a viable distribution alternative to traditional satellite and fiber workflows. We expect exponential interest in ZEN Master and the Zixi Platform in 2018 as a large number of satellite contracts are coming to an end between now and 2020.

Q Where can we find you on the show floor?

A South Hall Upper – booth SU9110.