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Evan Mackenzie, Marketing & Communications Manager USA for DPA Microphones, answers a few questions about the upcoming NAB show.

CORE Technology & More with DPA Microphones at NAB 2018

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last years’ NAB?

A Our new CORE Technology is being introduced for all of our headset, lavalier and musical instrument microphones. This new technology expands the dynamic range of DPA microphones by up 14 dB with no increase to the noise floor. Looking to minimize distortion, we developed this new amplifier to create an even clearer sound. CORE technology gives the microphones a more clear and open sound in the whole level range; from a whisper to a scream. We want to give our users every option imaginable to capture the sound that they require during any type of production; live sound,
theater, film recording or broadcasts.

Q Finish the sentence: 2018 will be the production industry’s year of...

A Immersive, tactile environments and broadening capabilities to new venues.

Q What motivating factor drives you to continue innovating year after year?

A Our motivation always comes from the industry and providing our customers with the most versatile microphone solutions for every environment. DPA keeps in close contact with our Master’s Group of industry veterans to identify new trends and needs with an attentive and proactive R & D process. We take the feedback we receive into consideration when developing new solutions and product enhancements to our award-winning solutions. As a company, we always want to maintain our ‘core’ values through the solutions that we present, which focus on durability, sound quality and customer service.

Q How would you describe the energy around this years’ NAB show?

A It is looking more and more that the focus on new and existing revenue streams, combined with technical innovations, is starting to show a clearer 21st Century path. That said, anyone can come along and create a new ruckus by shipping a disruptive product that has us all reinventing once more. And that’s always a good thing!

Q How do you expect NAB 2018 to differ from NAB 2017?

A It looks like more and more media outlets, and the manufacturers that serve them, are getting the message that service, while vital, is not enough anymore. Authentic and purposeful value propositions, whether you make microphones, cameras or software are gaining currency. Make your best product, tell the truth about it, ship it and listen, listen, listen to the market’s response. Sales numbers and end users desires go hand in hand today.

Q Where can we find you on the show floor?

A Booth C336