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CEO of Source Digital Hank Frecon talks about NAB 2017 and companies that are "must sees"

Hank Frecon of Source Digital Talks About Debut as an Exhibitor at The NAB Show

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last year's NAB?

A 2017 is Source Digital’s debut as an exhibitor at the NAB Show. We will be exhibiting, our first major consolidated release of all our products into one SaaS platform. Source Digital marketing tech strategies for monetizing brands within content include patented solutions that enable content as a storefront; brand and product engagement; second level storylines; and content discovery.

Q Of all the other companies in attendance, whose booth are you most excited to visit?

A There are so many innovative companies and products to see in a short time, but “must sees” for us are Dolby, Dotstudioz and the ATSC 3.0 Pavilion within 2017 Futures Park.

Q Finish the sentence: 2017 will be the production industry’s year of ___________

A Immersiveness.

Q What motivating factor drives you to continue innovating year after year?

A In the ever-changing technology landscape, there are always new opportunities for innovation. There is a thrill in the pursuit of uncovering these opportunities.

Q How would you describe the energy at this year’s NAB show?

A The energy level is high because of the intrigue caused by the sea changes happening in the industry.

Q One year from now, what new technologies do you think we’ll be discussing?

A I believe that we will be discussing deeper product integrations with augmented reality.

Q How do you expect NAB 2017 to differ from NAB 2016?

A - More early stage concepts are starting to solidify within the next stage of television and television viewing.
- A lot fewer drone and VR companies.

Q Where can we find you on the show floor?

A Source Digital is located at SU10226

Q Have you heard about the featured Attractions and Pavilions?

A Yes, and the Source Digital team plans to visit the ATSC 3.0 Pavilion and Advanced Advertising Pavilion.