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Deon LeCointe, Product Manager, Sony Electronics, talks a little about Sony's updates to its full line of professional A/V technologies for HD and 4K production at all levels, ranging from camcorders, cameras, switchers and displays for sports, live production, events and more, at NAB 2016.

Sony Electronics to Announce Updates to its Professional A/V Technologies for HD and 4K Production at NAB 2016

Q What are you most excited to see at this year's NAB show?

A I’m most excited about the market's transition towards IP production. To be able to build an end-to-end live production system using COTS equipment like network switches while still maintaining the performance and operational practices of today's SDI environments represents a revolutionary shift for the broadcast and production community. IP-based production systems are now a practical, flexible and cost-effective solution and so much progress has been made in this area over the last few years. At the Sony booth, we will have an IP Pavilion showing all of our offerings integrated with solutions built by our 3rd party partners. This will highlight practical implementations for an IP Live Production System using products that are available for purchase today.

Q What products/services will your company be showcasing?

A At NAB Show 2016, Sony will announce new models and updates to its full line of professional A/V technologies for HD and 4K production at all levels, ranging from camcorders, cameras, switchers and displays for sports, live production, events and more. We will showcase current applications, technology strengths and highlight topics ranging from imaging and 4K/IP transmission to Storage/Optical Disc Archive and Display/HDR. At the show, Sony will also debut their newest Ultra HFR camera, building on the success of the HDC-4300 and other popular studio camera systems. This new camera will offer up to 8x high frame rate in 4K and integrates well with the existing lineup.

Q What trends in technology do you invision for the world of broadcast and content creation in upcoming years?

A As 4K has become a standard, we are moving towards even more visualization and higher resolution, including 8K which is already in the earliest stage and will continue to gain momentum in the years to come. Additionally, there are more distribution outlets now than ever and these outlets are looking for - and in many cases requiring - professional content creation tools. OTT programming like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu and internet distribution through platforms like YouTube have become increasingly important in the implementation of the latest technology and speeding up the process for adopting the more current trends. With platforms like YouTube, there is less of a barrier to entry for becoming a content creator, and it supports the desire for high-quality, engaging, targeted, on-demand content when and where viewers want it.

Q What are you expecting to be "trending" or very popular at NAB 2016?

A Trends that we are expecting to see really take off this year, now that 4K is established, include High Dynamic Range (HDR) and IP production solutions. HDR, the expansion of the difference between black and white light outputs, allows for a richer level of video expression and replicates what the human eye actually sees. As HDR gains momentum, companies like Sony have tools for an entire, end-to-end HDR workflow, from acquisition, to production, transmission and display. Sony will have demonstrations and areas dedicated to both of these trends at our booth, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these topics or stop by our booth to educate yourself.

Q Are you holding any special events at the show? If so, what are they?

A In the Sony booth, we'll be holding a number of training seminars and presentations on our booth stage. Topics will include IP Production, HDR production, advanced workflow with XDCAM, and Content Management. For the latest schedule, you can visit

Q How do you reinvent yourself each year at each NAB show?

A Sony has always seen itself as a partner with the end users who utilize our products. We realize that many, if not all of our end users make a living with the products and services we provide. That's something we take very seriously. Throughout the year, we often work hand-in-hand with our end users so that we have a keen understanding of their needs and the obstacles they face day-to-day. This allows us to create solutions that also addresses the needs of the broader market, and, in some cases, create new trends in technology. So, while it may appear that we are reinventing ourselves each year, we're remaining true to our core values by providing solutions to a dynamically changing market landscape.

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