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Photo courtesy of Sennheiser.

As with all good things, we have to wrap up our coverage of NAB Show 2018 and move on. With CineGear just around the corner, there will be a fresh batch of industry news and new production gear to talk about. It should be some exciting stuff! But, we would be remiss if we didn’t squeeze in just one more look at some great gear from NAB before we call it a day. Here are a few more products that you may have missed the first time around. 


Sennheiser’s evolution wireless portable systems have been an industry standard wireless solution for media, content creators as well as small and medium-sized broadcasters worldwide. Available in a new fourth generation, videographers will not only find the latest version of the ew 100-p series, they will also discover a brand-new ew 500-p series, designed to further professionalize film work. The new G4 series is fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations, safeguarding any earlier investments.

“We are pleased to expand evolution wireless G4 with a highly professional camera series for ENG, film work, reporting, and content creation,” said Dennis Stegemerten, product manager for evolution wireless G4. “The new ew 500-p series features exciting set components such as the MKE 2 lavalier mic, which has been the professional’s choice for decades.”




This year might have been one of Avid's best. Attending the Avid event was a real eye-opener for me complete with a ton of new products and services. One of the standouts was the Avid Connect app. This very cool app will be available to all of Avid’s 1.4 million account holders this summer, delivering a centralized “one-stop” experience for artists to find, connect and collaborate with each other on any laptop, iOS or Android device.

Avid also announced the immediate availability of Avid's new generation of video post-production workflow innovations. The new post workflow tools and solutions integrate MediaCentral Editorial Management for collaborative asset management with Media Composer video editing software, the new Avid Artist™ DNxID video I/O hardware, and Avid NEXIS software-defined storage. 


The Chrosziel Compact Zoom Control Kit is a low-profile integrated zoom control servo designed for Zeiss LWZ.3 zoom lens and Sony FS-5 and FS-7 cameras. When secured and wired properly, the servo will control the LWZ.3 lens's zoom using the rocker on the camera's handgrip, ENG-style. This conveniently allows the operator to control focus and zoom simultaneously in run-and-gun situations. All LANC, power, and USB cables for connecting, powering, and updating the servo unit are included. Additionally, the LANC connectors are compatible with other LANC devices for controlling the zoom through alternate equipment. 

Control commands are immediately looped through to the camera like menu, user buttons, focus magnification, camera run & stop etc. To give the operator a maximum on creativity, the zoom servo drive offers four zoom modes: 1st EB / Documentary Mode, 2nd Silent Mode, 3rd Live / Hardcut Mode and 4th Direct Mode. 


Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy announced PowerSearch, a new product for Adobe Premiere Pro editors to search metadata within video clips using Google-like keyword searches to find specific instances of spoken words or terms in video clips and sequences. 

PowerSearch, a Premiere Pro plug-in from Digital Anarchy, is a metadata search tool that integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and opens as a panel, so editors do not have to leave the Premiere Pro timeline to launch separate applications. This intelligent new search capability enables editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches. PowerSearch quickly compiles search results in a panel window in Premiere, where each result can be selected for review directly in the preview window and at the precise timecode where that word or term appears in the sequence. 

AJA Video Systems

It's no surprise that the AJA train just keeps rolling along. AJA Video Systems has announced v2.5 firmware with new feature enhancements for the company’s FS-HDR real time High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) converter/frame synchronizer with Colorfront Engine™ video processing. The company also released new single and multi-mode fiber SFP options for FS-HDR and FS4.  

 v2.5 firmware enhances the Colorfront Engine transform algorithm with support for ITU BT.2408-0 Operational Practices in HDR Television. Additionally, the FS-HDR now supports a simultaneous 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD output mode with independent SDR/HDR controls. Newly integrated BBC Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) Look Up Tables (LUTs) provide basic, mathematical HDR transforms.



As the demand for storage continues to grow at a crazy rate, Quantum is poised to meet the challenge. One of the most interesting things I took away after our meeting was the commitment on their part to provide storage solutions to a wide range of customers, not just the big boys. This is good news for medium post houses that end up having to cobble together storage solutions depending on the project and for end users who will need a ton of storage now and down the road.

Quantum featured Xcellis Foundation, its high-performance, entry-level workflow storage system specifically designed to address the technical and budgetary requirements of small- to medium-sized postproduction facilities and corporate video departments. Powered by StorNext®, the new system delivers the benefits of enterprise-class Xcellis storage, including high performance and scalability, in a NAS appliance for under US$25,000. By providing a more powerful, more feature-rich alternative to other entry-level storage systems at a similar price point, Xcellis Foundation is ideal for smaller video production facilities that need the benefits of a collaborative workflow but have limited budgets.


Moving On to Cine Gear Expo

Ok, so there you have it. Be sure to check NABHUB soon, as updates are bound to be happening throughout the coming months as the new products and upgrades come online. There will be a ton of new product to test out and review. I think it is going to be a very busy summer. But for now, on to CineGear!

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