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The Leica Thalia large format cine lenses will soon be available in ARRI’s new LPL mount. Currently available in PL and ARRI XPL mounts, manufacturer CW Sonderoptic is introducing the new mount for compatibility with ARRI’s Alexa LF camera.
“The Leica Thalia lenses are the only set of lenses that anyone can own and that can cover any and all current digital formats,” said Gerhard Baier, Managing Director of CW Sonderoptic. “It only makes sense that we would support this new lens mount from ARRI.”
The LPL mount versions of the Leica Thalia lenses will include electronics for metadata and will be swappable on existing PL or XPL lenses.
“The idea,” said Seth Emmons, Director of Communications, “is to maintain the Thalia’s already future-proof performance. By supporting LPL we are showing our customers that these lenses are going to be ready to work on every camera in their inventory.”
The LPL mounts are expected to start shipping in Q3 2018 with prices yet to be determined. More information about the Leica Thalia lenses available here.