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Cineo  Lighting,  a  leader  in  the  production  of lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries, will be displaying some of its most recent products to broadcasters attending NAB Show New  York  2016  (Booth  861).  These  products  include  the HSX  Color-Tunable  Soft Source,  the HS2  Wave  Remote  Phosphor  and  the Quantum120  Color-Tunable Fixture.

“Our  products  are  designed  with  the  specific  requirements  of  the  broadcast  market  in mind,”  says  Rich  Pierceall,  CEO,  Cineo  Lighting. “We  invite  all  conference  goers  to learn how our lighting solutions can meet your requirements, as we have with hundreds of other broadcasters.

”The  25,000  lumen HSX  features  flicker-free  operation,  a  color  tuning  range  of  2700-6000K  and  measures  in  at  12in  x  21in  x  8.5in  (290mm  x  532mm  x  216mm).  With  an output  control  range  of  0-100  percent  with  local  control,  integrated  LumenRadio receivers  for  wireless  DMX  and  RDM  programming  and  a  straightforward,  intuitive control  interface,  the  HSX  lets  users  make  adjustments  quickly  and  efficiently  without losing  precious  seconds  of  any  shoot.  A  silent,  passive  cooling  system  without  fans ensures  that  no  ambient  noise  will  disrupt  photographers  and  videographers.  Other features include three standard deviation color-matching (SDCM) variations over 50,000 hours  and  presets  at  2,700K,  3,200K,  4,300K,  5,600K  and  6,000K. The  HSX  has  no color  shift  over  the  full  dimming  range  and  is  100  percent  compatible  with  all  HS  line accessories.  

The HS2  Wave  is  a  continuation  of  Cineo’s  well-respected  HS  product  series,  with  a significantly  enhanced  ergonomic  design  and  integrated  lamp head  and  power  supply that are preconfigured for simple, one-piece operation. Key electronic enhancements of the  HS2  Wave  include  integration  of  LumenRadio  receivers  for wireless  DMX  support and  RDM  programing. A  5V  USB  port  is  now  available  on  the  back  of  the  fixture  to power  third-party  wireless  receivers,  as  well  as  to  accommodate  quick  and  seamless firmware  updates.  HS2  Wave  components  are  100  percent  cross  compatible  with  all legacy HS fixtures, power supplies, accessories, phosphor panels and cabling, allowing current users of the HS line to use the HS2 Wave with their current setup.  

The Quantum120  features  Cineo’s  proprietary  LEDs  that  carry  the  same  exceptional color quality as its innovative Remote Phosphor fixtures. Measuring in at a considerable 48in  x  48in  x  5.5in (1.2m  x  1.2m  x  14cm),  the  Quantum120  only  weighs  55lbs  (25kg), inclusive of its integrated power supply and electronics. It outputs up to 75,000 lumens of high-quality, color-accurate light while only drawing 1200 watts. The fixture is able to dim from 0-100 percent locally or remotely, remaining completely flicker free on all light levels  without  color  shift.  Color  temperature is  completely  variable  from  2700K-6000K, with  presets  at  2700K,  3200K,  4300K,  5600K  and  6000K.  The Quantum120  can  be completely controlled locally or remotely via DMX and is configurable via RDM. A silent, passive cooling system without fans ensures no disruptive ambient noise. The fixture can be fitted with standard 4x4 frames and comes with a removable Snapbag softbox. Multiple mounting options are available, including a heavy-duty yoke. 

About Cineo Lighting 

Cineo Lighting, LLC, was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television, and photography industries. By pioneering cutting-edge technologies, Cineo creates high-output, compact light sources for image capture, in all power ranges, which exceed the capabilities of traditional lighting tools. For more information, please visit: