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AMD is pleased to be a part of the Avid Connect event to showcase our AMD FirePro graphics leadership alongside a leader in audio and video technology. AMD and Avid share the same fundamental commitment to customer excellence backed by a strong foundation in cutting edge technologies. 

AMD believes Avid Connect is important for the industry as an opportunity to continually reaffirm that commitment of continually working to improve performance by delivering great solutions that breed customer success.

Not only is Avid Connect a great opportunity to connect with established contacts, but it’s a great way to be introduced to new contacts while promoting the synergies between AMD and Avid along with supporting partner companies.

I’m most looking forward to see friends that I’ve known throughout the years. I’m also eager to listen to feedback from the community and hopefully hear about their success stories based on the combined use of Avid and AMD graphics technologies.

NAB has always been an industry event where new technologies and key inflection points are introduced. This year I believe that VR and HDR are going to be major points of discussion that will draw in even more attendees who are seeking solutions for their project-critical workflows. We’re proud to be an integral part of those conversations. 

AMD is proud to be selected by Avid as a supporting graphics partner. We’re excited to be at NAB again this year to showcase both the hardware and software solutions to broadcasters and filmmakers as we enter a new era of visual technologies.

Melanie Ball, Sr. Manager, Strategic Alliances at AMD